My Dying Bride
A Line of Deathless Kings

Release date: October 9th 2006
Peaceville Records
Provided by:
VME (Denmark)


Style: Doom Metal

Rating: 88/100
Reviewed by:
Thomas Nielsen
November 15th 2006

For more than a decade, My Dying Bride have set standards within the doom metal genre, and ‘A Line of Deathless Kings’ is no exception to that rule.  

The nine songs on the album are a veritable journey of emotions, always with that underlying sadness and melancholy that is characteristic for the Brits and Aaron Stainthorpe’s unique vocal in particular.  

My Dying Bride manage not to end up in a pathetic dead-end of misery but instead stand out powerful and convincing with an almost ever-present round of crushing guitars and a dark, raw feel, accentuated by a bombastic rhythm section that is worthy of the almighty Black Sabbath.  

The variation between pure doom and sudden bursts of double bass drumming is perfectly performed and blended with the above-mentioned qualities keeps you from ever wanting to turn off the CD player. Excellent album!  

Recommended: The entire lot.