The Blue Album

Release date: 2005
No Face Records
Provided by:
 No Face Records
Heavy Rock / Metal

Rating: 88/100
Cover artwork:
Reviewed by:
Peter Laursen
December 16th 2006

Suddenly out of the blue I received this album from No Face Records and one thing were for sure… my expectations weren’t very high. BUT I was in for a nice surprise!

I threw it in my CD-player and my ass was kicked halfway into next week… not because the music was brutal but because the guitar riffs is crunchy and heavy as shit. Because of the vocals, but also the music, comparisons with the heavier sides of Blue Öyster Cult were almost inevitable.

To quote frontman and songwriter Mathias; “We all grew up listening to Iron Maiden, Megadeth and G’N’R. I just write the type of music we love to hear and play”. And some of the riffs could very well have been written by David Mustaine (Megadeth) himself… riffs played with both feet firmly on the ground, crunchy, heavy, powerful and good.

It’s very easy to tell the numbers apart and every single track stands out on its own and when the CD is done… I just want more. The production is good and powerful… and HEAVY.

I don’t care if I’m the only one on this planet who likes this album… but do check Mathias web-site out and take a listen to the mp3’s. And if you don’t like the sound of the guitars… there must be something seriously wrong with you!

Highly recommended for every fan of British sounding Heavy Rock and Heavy Metal.