When Worlds Collide

Release date: March 27th 2006
Label: Century Media

Distribution: EMI (Denmark)


Style: Metal core and stuff

Rating: 89/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: March 14th 2006

In a galaxy not far from those of In Flames and Hatesphere, there is a planet called Maroon.

Tight as hell, full of nice tempo shifts and ready to smack out a blastbeat here and there, the German five-piece lash out at you, only to interrupt the brutal battery with an acoustic piece, a cameo appearance by Mercenary’s Mikkel Sandager or just a hell-bent break. And then there’s that wonderful, wonderful instrumental piece, “The Omega Suite Pt. II”, that has one or two riffs that are just to die for.  

Jakob Hansen’s production and mixing is somewhere near perfect, and I think miles better than what he did with e.g. Hatesphere. The sound is just perfect for this music. Perhaps In Flames should travel to Hansen Studios the next time, eh?

Anyway, Maroon kick a serious round of butt with this album, and you don’t get bored one second.  

Do try this at home!