Marco Ferrigno
Hanging Gardens

Release date: August 24th 2006
Lion Music
Provided by: Lion Music
Instrumental Shredder Metal

Rating: 50/100
Cover artwork rating:

Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
August 14th 2006

Unless you are a huge fan of instrumental shredder albums or a guitar player yourself then there is no need to read any further in this review, because this album does only appeal to this very little segment of fans!

Mexican guitar virtuoso Marco Ferrigno, who some of you might know from his work with Vitalij Kuprij on the highly acclaimed "Promised Land" project, has recorded yet another instrumental guitar album, which displays what most fans already knew - Marco is an excellent guitar player.

He hasn't done it without help and this album show cases the talents of Tony Franklin on bass and Marco Minnemann on drums, George Bellas appears on guitars on one song as well and producer Javier Leal helps out on guitars on 2 tracks.

The music really show cases Marco's skills and he's clearly a very technical and gifted guitar player, but I need more to be convinced! Sure there are cool parts on the album, the songs are varied - from progressive metal to neo-classical metal. But I am still missing a strong melody line and vocals!

This is by no means a bad album, it's just not fun to listen to either. Maybe if I were a guitar player myself, but I am not, so this ends up being a bore...

I do however have to mention the excellent cover artwork by Eric Phillippe - outstanding!