Release date: April 18th 2006
Label: Firebox Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Heavy Metal

Rating: 65/100
Cover artwork rating: 45/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: April 11th 2006

Second full length album from Finnish Heavy Metal band MANITOU and decent one, no more, no less.

To me MANITOU sounds like a mix between Queensryche and Iron Maiden and I really do have mix feelings about this release. I have been listening to this album for more than two weeks now, and the music is quite good, but somehow I fail to remember most of the tracks even after numerous listens.

Of course there are great riffs to be found and my reaction was; these guys have got something going! But when I reach track 11, the final track, only a few songs have left a mark in my brain.

This album comes with a good production by MANITOU and Janne Saksa and the cover artwork and design is done by Olli Lappalainen. I know Iím repeating myself, but this album is a decent one, no more, no less.