Coming back to Live

Release date: 2006
Mangrovian Music
Provided by: Mangrove
Progressive Rock

Rating: 65/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
November 4th 2006

'Coming back to Live' is my very first close encounter with the progressive universe of Dutch rock band Mangrove. This double live album was recorded in Apeldoorn, Holland on November 4th 2005 during their 'Facing the Sunset' Tour.

The first part of the show - and first disc - features older songs from their first two albums, and shows a melancholic and emotional rock band with strong roots in the 70's English prog rock scene, Genesis first of all. This is big sound collages, harmonies, soft and dark symphonies, played with style and conviction. But the show some how never really gets going... but just sort of flows nicely.

On the second part - disc two - things do however change pace and becomes very complex. 3 very long songs from the 3rd studio album 'Facing the Sunset' shows a much more mature and determined band, which has grown into an interesting progressive rock band worth taking notice of. These 3 songs set a new standard for the band, and clearly show a band moving in the right direction.

This double header gives a nice introduction to Mangrove, and I really do look forward to see where this will take the band. Progressive rock fans should take notice, because this is a fine piece of music, which should thrill fans of the English prog rock scene in particular.

Do check it out...