Mandowar – Hellboys From Cow


This is as silly as it sounds. No, actually; it’s even beyond that. It’s daft. It’s a rape of metal classics.

The concept: Three German guys on mandolin, bass and guitar make their interpretations of metal and rock songs. They mix things up a bit, make ‘funny’ plays on word (Hellboys from Cow – ha ha), add some polka, folk and country.

There are no sacred cows: Metallica, AC/DC, Rammstein, Motörhead, Dio, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd get the treatment. If this had been a Saturday and I had been pissed out of my senses (which is not very likely since I don’t drink alcohol), this could probably have been vaguely amusing, but it’s not and I’m not. These three guys play well, and they’d do great for a pub band – their rendition of Wish You Were Here is actually really nice – but what they do with the rest of the material plainly stinks.



1. Alexander Strack
2. Engel
3. (Ghost) Riders In The Sky
4. Hellboys From Cow
5. Holy Diver
6. Kashmir
7. Master Of Puppets
8. Radar Love
9. Wish You Were Here

Playing time: 38.41

Release date: 12th of June, 2015

Label: Apparently not…


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