Release date: February 24th 2006
Massacre Records
VME (Denmark)

True Metal

Rating: 92/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
February 5th 2006

Brand new album from Germany’s leading True Metal band MAJESTY, and to me this is a very, very pleasant surprise. I was only familiar with a few tracks by MAJESTY that did nothing for me. But after listening to this release I will hunt down their back catalogue, that’s for sure.

12 great tracks recorded and mixed by STEFAN KAUFMANN (UDO, ex-ACCEPT) at ROXX STUDIO. MAJESTY provides us with a stunning album… a perfect mix of MANOWAR and ACCEPT.

12 tracks of fantastic catchy Metal-hymns which are presented with such a delightful playing that every True Metal fan will get crazy about it. I just can’t stop listening to this stunning album filled with great riffs, and very memorable songs. More than once I caught myself singing along loudly to tracks like; “Dance with the Demon”, “Songs of a New Millennium” and the FREEDOM CALL-like “Guardians of the Dragon Grail”.

At last but not least, Udo Dirkschneider (U.D.O./ACCEPT) himself, sings the hymn ”Metal Law 2006" together with singer Tarek Maghary.

What else can I do but say: seek at all costs!!!