Magnum – The Valley of Tears – The Ballads

4 points to consider before buying:

  1. I really do not see the point in releasing an all ballads album at any stage of any bands career!
  2. I really do not think ballads is Magnum’s forte, not that they aren’t capable of writing strong ballads, it’s just that their strong suits lay somewhere else.
  3. I love Magnum and think they are one the best hard rock bands around, but would rather buy a new album or even a new live album before any kind of Best of.
  4. Who is going to buy this album? Fans does already have all the songs, even though they have been re-mixed, re-recorded and/or re-mastered for this release…


  1. Dream About You (Re-mastered)
  2. Back In Your Arms Again (Newly re-recorded)
  3. The Valley of Tears (Re-mixed, re-mastered)
  4. Broken Wheel (New re-recorded)
  5. A Face In the Crowd (Re-mixed, re-mastered)
  6. Your Dreams Won’t Die (Re-mastered)
  7. Lonely Nights (Acoustic version, newly re-recorded)
  8. The Last Frontier (Re-mixed, re-mastered)
  9. Putting Things In Place (Re-mixed, re-mastered)
  10. When the World Comes Down (New live version)

Playing Time: 53:57

Release date: January 6, 2017

Label: Steamhammer


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