Magnum – Sacred Blood “Divine” Lies

If I had to describe Magnum in one word it would probably be: “stable”. You always get well-crafted songs, a first-class vocal performance and splendid guitar work. The cornerstones are off course Bob Catley’s great voice and Tony Clarkin’s solid song-writing skills and guitar work.

They have been around for 44 years and are still going strong, sure they had a 6 years hiatus, but they still deliver some of the strongest and most stable melodic hard rock on the planet. You always knows what to expect and they always deliver… Sure there has been less than stellar albums and they will forever be trying to create an album that can measure up against “On a Storyteller’s Night”.

“Sacred Blood “Divine” Lies” has all the trademarks you’d expect, and it still sounds and feels like Magnum all-the-way. They have managed to stay within the same safe confines throughout the entire career, without ever repeating themselves or going out on a limb.

Production-wise this is even better than their last couple of albums, and the songs are also a small step up. Magnum delivers each and every time and this album won’t disappoint their fans the slightest. Another solid melodic rock album from the grand-fathers of British Hard Rock.

Well done!


  1. Sacred Blood, Divine Lies
  2. Crazy Old Mothers – Masgnum
  3. Gypsy Queen
  4. Princess in Rags (The Cult)
  5. Your Dreams Won’t Die
  6. Afraid of the Night
  7. A Forgotten Conversation
  8. Quiet Rhapsody
  9. Twelve Men Wise and Just
  10. Don’t Cry Baby

Playing Time: 54:26

Release date: February 26, 2016

Label: Steamhammer/SPV


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