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Welcome to the Asylum

Release date: Summer 2006
Rusty Cage Records
Provided by: Rusty Cage Records

Thrash Metal

Rating: 80/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by:
Thomas Nielsen
September 13th 2006

Hey, this is a re-release I’ve been waiting for for ages! I loved this album to bits when I got it on tape from one of my mates back in 1989. I never managed to find it on vinyl or CD, but here it is!  

Very appropriately released in the series ‘Dutch Metal Cult Classics’ from Rusty Cage, ‘Welcome to the Asylum’ holds the European end-of-the-eighties thrash metal innocence that those of us who are not 20 anymore appreciate and think of with a soft heart. By today’s standards, the music is by no means hard, but it still stands out as being surprisingly aggressive, straightforward and raw after all these years.  

The classic track on the album is 1428 Elmstreet (yup, it has a cool Fred Krueger sound bite to everything off) – it was a hit back then and it still is!  

The sound is better than I would have expected – helped by a successful re-mastering.  

This album is definitely for old farts like me who have holes to fill in their collection – and for those who like to dig into thrash history. A good buy, this one!