Legen Beltza
Dimension of Pain

Release date: September 18th 2006
Label: Mausoleum
Provided by: Legen Beltza

Website: www.legenbeltza.com

Style: Thrash

Rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen

Date: October 26th 2006

The fact that the Basque country doesn’t normally position itself by producing influential metal bands is not necessarily same as saying that there aren’t anyone there who understands what metal music is all about. Beware thrash fans; the quartet Legen Beltza have been around for almost a decade and have picked up a trick or two along the way, something they readily show with this their third  release proper.  

Marking a notable progression in terms of song writing as well as sound, ‘Dimension of Pain’ is by far the superior album compared to 2003’s ‘Insanity’. Where said album was leaning heavily on a German approach to thrash metal (a la Destruction in many places), the latest offering has a far more American sound and roundness. There’s more Testament here than Destruction, and this is a good move from the Basques. And the guitar work is in places absolutely fantastic – Iron Maiden harmonies, catchy, technical, intelligent. Good stuff.  

Xanti’s vocals are an acquired taste, but this time around his effort seems more focused and fits the music very well. A couple of growls here and there are welcome, though and fare well with the darker sound.  

This album is a little thrash gem. Check it out.  

Recommended: "Meet Me in the Dark" (catchy as f*ck chorus), "Calling the Black Storm" (Hammer intro!), "Ilunpean Dituzu" (tech/prog intro and who said that thrash songs couldn’t be sung in Basque?!), "War of Wars & War of Wars 2" (all in all 17 minutes of thrash epos)