World Asylum

Release date: June 23rd 2006
Massacre Records
Provided by: Intromental Management
Target (Denmark)
Website: www.leatherwolfmusic.com
Style: Heavy Metal

Rating: 72/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: June 10th 2006

When I received this promo CD for the new Leatherwolf album, three things came to mind: that they are famous for their triple guitar attack, their brilliant second album "Street Ready" (one of the best albums of 1989) and their great live performance at Wacken a few years back - a one-off show in Europe, a show, which I was so lucky to catch.

7 years has passed since they released their last album: "Wide Open", an OK live album, which I picked up after the show at Wacken. The live album has never been official released, but has done OK for an independent release selling more than 10,000 copies.

And now they are back loaded with another fine piece of classic metal. The guitar attack has been reduced by one, but is still as thrilling to listen to as it were back in the 80's - just listen to cool tracks like: "I am the Law", "Behind the Gun", "Live or Die", "Disconnect" or "Dr. Wicked (Rx O.D.) and you'll know what I am talking about.

So why is the album not rated higher you might think - very simple: I have never been a huge fan of vocalist Wade Black, and this album doesn't change that one bit. He is in my book only a decent metal vocalist, with a limited range. And the album does have a few mediocre tracks towards the end of the album, which results in a solid album that have its moments.

But I am sure the album will still please a lot of metal fans around the World, because of the cool guitar work on the entire album.

Recommended tracks: See above