Last Autumn's Dream
Winter in Paradise

Release date: April 14th 2006
Label: Escapi Music
Distribution: Zink / Bonnier Amigo

Melodic Rock

Rating: 82/100
Cover artwork rating: 72/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: April 24th 2006

If you belong to the category of Rock fans that just canít get enough of Melodic Rock music with catchy hooks and memorable choruses maybe you should check Last Autumnís Dream out.

Last Autumnís Dream is a Swedish/German outfit and they have just released their third album called ďWinter in Paradise Ē and itís a pleasant surprise. This release is filled with catchy hooks, nice harmonies, along with memorable choruses and talented musicianship and it just makes this album a real joy to listen to. Sometimes you are in the mood for Death or Thrash MetalÖ sometimes Traditional Metal and sometimes for Melodic Rock.

And this album by Last Autumnís Dream is one of those albums that you can listen to and enjoy when you need to relax a bit.

Sure it is a genre, which hardly brings anything new anymore, but if youíre looking for catchy Rock music that doesnít demands a lot from the listener, give this album a listen and relax for a while.