Lanfear – The Code Inherited

Lanfear is a band that has been putting out albums since their debut in 1996.  And 20 years later, we are given their eight and most current release in the form of “The Code Inherited”.  Vocalist Nuno Miguel de Barros Fernandes fronts the band and provides capable and strong vocals.  And while I appreciate his strong and mature vocals, it’s one of the very few highlights for me.

Through this near 50 minute album, we’re given a sound that almost comes across to me as a cross between Evergrey and early Symphony X, but it lacks the punch, energy and emotion of those bands referenced.  The band plays well, the recording is on point, and the melodies and harmonies are nicely done.  With that being said, nothing outstanding is showcased on this progressive power metal album.  To me it’s just there and doesn’t have a lot to make it stand out and grab my attention for further listens.

My one hope on this album that I thought might help me get into the band more was the title track.  This song, while daring and clocking in at over 10 minutes (which started my initial interest before listening), didn’t interest me or keep me hooked.  I was hoping that this being their one epic song on the album would draw me in a bit, but I was disappointed.  The other track that made me take notice was “Summer of ‘89”, which closes out the album.  This song brings the end of the album down with a whimper with it’s ode to Bryan Adams mega-hit “Summer of ‘69”.  Just a bizarre way to end the album, especially with it’s throwback sound.

It’s weird too, because with all the hype I’ve seen this band receive, and with many albums of experience under their belts, I figured Lanfear would offer something of substance to me and give me a nudge towards wanting to explore more of their catalogue after hearing “The Code Inherited”, but I’m left with an empty feeling that seems to be happening a bit in this area of metal these days.  Too many bands now are trying to meld the power and progressive sub-genres together, which is a daunting task when you look at the big picture since it’s so hard to make them a cohesive unit.  While this band does a somewhat decent job of doing that, the finished product just lacks an overall punch and excitement for me.



01. The Delusionist
02. The Opaque Hourglass
03. Evidence Based Ignorance
04. The Code Interited
05. Self-Assembled
06. Converging Saints
07. Remain Undone
08. Summer Of ’89

Playing time: 45:55

Release date: 1 July, 2016

Label: Pure Legend Records

Website: Lanfear Official Website

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