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Swedish power metal combo Lancer signed a deal with Nuclear Blast records for the release of their third album. I can hear why NB is very interested in this band. The quality of the music increases album after album. Sure they are heavily influenced by Iron Maiden, Helloween and Hammerfall, but who cares when the music is this good? Another band I hear back in their songs is German band Edguy. After a fast power metal opener with lots of NWOBHM influences a song called “Future Millennia”with nice galopping riffs and high vocals follows. With Isak Stenvall the band has an excellent singer in their line-up. His powerful charismatic voice reminds of a combination of Bruce Dickinson and Kiske sometimes.

The title track is a bit slower and here the band Edguy enters my mind. Another big surplus are the catchy melodies, the strong riffs and the beautiful solos. The build up and the style of the track  “Victims Of the Nile” has a lot of Iron Maiden resemblances, after a slow start it speeds up and one solo after another blows out of your speakers. “Iscariot” follows in speed metal tempo and reminds of Helloween with Kiske, this is probably my personal favorite. The mid tempo song “Follow Azrael” has a kind of contagious rhytmn and could have been on an Avantasia album. Another happy sounding power metal song follows before the demure ballad “World Unkown” starts. In most of the songs Isak sings rather high, but here he sings a bit lower and proves he also masters that. “Widowmaker”with twin guitar pieces is up next, before you know it the just over 50 minutes of music is over, but not before the epic track “Envy of the Gods” ends it all. The song strongly reminds me of the Helloween “Keeper of the Seven Keys’ era. With my eyes closed I could swear I hear Michael Kiske singing.

The first surprise of the year, power metal that can compete with Helloween, Edguy and Hammerfall, so fans of those bands you know what to do!



01. Dead Raising Towers
02. Future Millenia
03. Mastery
04. Victims Of the Nile
05. Iscariot
06. Follow Azrael
07. Freedom Eaters
08. World Unknown
09. Widowmaker
10. Envy of the Gods


Playing time: 51:00

Release date: 13 January 2017

Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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