L.A. Guns
Loud and Dangerous

Release date: August 21st 2006
Label: Mascot Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Website: www.laguns.net
Style: Rock

Rating: 26/100
Cover artwork rating: 30/100

Reviewed by:
Peter Laursen
August 29th 2006

I give up…I really tried… but I give up! – I’m sorry but I just can’t stand L.A. Guns… Formed in the 80’s and they have struck gold with a series of albums that appealed to Metal fans, but I don’t know why because I find this band more than boring. Most of the time music grows on me after numerous listens but regarding L.A. Guns this is completely the other way round. The more I listen to this brand new live album the more I hate it.

“Loud and Dangerous” is all about sucked out standard riffs and horrible choruses. Apart from a few riffs I rembmeber absolutely nothing from the music when the CD is done.The music of L.A. Guns does nothing for me… well actually it does… it’s getting on my nerves!

I even hate the production… maybe it’s just me… but I hate it. Or maybe this production is right for a band like L.A. Guns? I don’t know… but I hate it… and I can’t stand to listen to this CD anymore.

I give up… I really tried… but I give up!