Krisiun – Forged In Fury


Brazil’s number one death metal band is without a doubt Krisiun. With (if I’m not mistaken) their 11th album in their 25 years of existence they still develop their style, without ignoring their old. More melody, more variety in speed and more groove are the biggest differences from their earlier albums. This variety makes the fast parts feel even faster and the slower pieces sound heavier. The production of the album is very back to basic and with that I mean very natural. No overproduced pieces, filled with all kinds of extra sounds, but just the instruments needed and sounding very authentic. Perhaps the drums are for some a little too much mixed in front, but that’s o.k. with me. It is as if you listen to the band live.

Personally I find the songs stronger due to better songwriting and more variation. Some songs have a certain groove which will certainly lead to massive pits during their gigs. The riffery in the first song did make me think of Legion of the Damned and is ideal to bang your head to. Further on, light influences of a band like Obscura and even Meshuggah in “Strength Forged in Fury” show up. Sometimes early death metal influences from Obituary appear and then again more complicated parts in early Death style pass by. Deicide, Vader and Bolt Thrower are also bands you can add to the list of influences I hear in several of the songs. For some, the new album will have a little too much variation because they are fans of the more straight forward songs,  but I like it.

Brutality and variation are two key words for this album.


01. Scars Of the Hatred

02. Ways Of Barbarism

03. Dogma Of Submission

04. Strength Forged In Fury

05. Soulless Impaler

06. Burning Of The Heretic

07. The Isolated Thruth

08. Oracle Of the Ungod

09. Timeless Starvation

10. Milonga De La Muerte


Playing time: 51:00

Release date: 7th of August, 2015

Label: Century Media


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