Release date: September 29th 2006
Label: Escapi Music
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Website: www.jameskottak.com

Style: Punk rock

Rating: 49/100
Cover artwork rating: 45/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen

Date: September 7th 2006

I had little time to just go and get surprised during the Wacken 2006 festival. One of those few instances took me to the W.E.T. stage Friday afternoon before Six Feet Under’s triumphant gig on the Black Stage. In front of around fifty people, an in my view fairly misplaced punk rock band did their best to stir some interest.  

I couldn’t help noticing the fairly big-breasted blonde behind the drums and decided to give the outfit a chance…also helped by the fact that bassist looked a lot like the rather cranky looking guy I had seen the night before on the big screens during the Michael Schenker Group concert. My tolerance lasted around two and a half song. During which the front man had more or less slagged off their own set (‘Well, at least we had ONE good song!’). When he introduced the next song as a tribute to ‘his ex-wife, his ex-bitch’ and his mic decided to quit for a while things just got a bit too embarrassing for yours truly.  

And now, what’s in the mail? The debut CD from the very same band! And the front guy turns out to be none other than an ex-member of Kingdom Come and the drummer of Scorpions.  

That said, ‘Therupy’ has nothing to do with neither Kingdom Come nor the Scorpions. That is not necessarily a bad thing (!), but in this case it doesn’t really help. The album is at best an attempt to clone Green Day’s recipe for success.  

The guitar work is actually not bad, but the song writing is all in all nothing to write home about. There are decent rock songs like Ripped and Pink/Soft, and semi-ballads like Funday, but there is also the unnerving Anti which is possibly a joke of sorts. If it is, it falls flat on the floor.  

Try it out if you love Green Day to bits. You might like it – I don’t really.