Killing Gandhi – Cinematic Parallels

Killing Gandhi

Killing Gandhi is probably one of Denmark’s best kept metal secrets. They’ve existed for four years or so, played a few gigs (none of which I’ve attended), and that’s about what I’ve heard about them. Then, all of sudden, here comes a debut album, produced and mixed by Jacob Hansen, that kicks some serious arse.

Granted, albeit that this is a new band on the horizon, the members of the band are no strangers to making music. Guitarist Martin Arendal has played music since the 80s and has recorded several albums with Wuthering Heights and Manticora. Bassist Kasper Gram also played in Wuthering Heights back in the 90s and in Missing Tide. Drummer Rasmus Schmidt has been involved in death metal combos Illdisposed and Corpus Mortale, whereas singer Thorbjørn ‘Thunderbear’ Jensen fronted the band Sickseed.

And it is clear that these four people are seasoned musicians. The songs are rock solid pieces of melodic death metal the Scandinavian way. ‘Cinematic Parallels’ is tightly played, perfectly crafted and frankly never leaves you bored. There’s lots of details, lots of things to discover with every listen. You can sense how Killing Gandhi have taken the time to nurture all these songs and allow them to mature. For me, they mature every time I listen to the album.

This is a band that you want to keep an eye out for if you’re a fan of In Flames, Arch Enemy or Soilwork. A fantastic debut album, fair and square.


1. Trailer # 1
2. The Cannibal Course
3. What Lies Beneath
4. Drugs for a Mindfuck
5. Trailer # 2
6. The Light will Shine Forever
7. Only the Strong will Survive
8. Trailer # 3
9. Leader of Losers
10. Trailer # 4
11. 0100101101000111
12.The Rise and Fall of a Superhero
13. Illusion of Death
14. Trailer # 5
15. D-Minor took my Life
16. The Next Level

Playing time: 46 minutes

Release date: 14th of August, 2015

Label: Crime Records


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