A New Promise

Release date: December 14th 2005
Label: Frontiers Records

Melodic Rock

Rating: 80/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: January 16th 2006

After the self titled debut from 2003, Khymera centered on Daniele Liverani, is back with a brand new Melodic Rock album called “A New Promis”.

I’m not familiar with the debut album so I can’t compare it to “A New Promise” but I have to check the debut out because Khymera is pleasant surprise.

Daniele Liverani (Keyboards and bass), Dennis Ward (Vocals), Tommy Ermolli (Guitars) and Dario Ciccioni (Drums) gives us 13 first class Melodic Rock songs with memorable guitar riffs and choruses. I must admit that I prefer Metal but when I need a small break from the screaming guitars, Melodic Rock music will do just fine.

In my humble opinion It takes a little time to grow and once it does, it just keeps getting better. Some might say that this album is just another Melodic Rock album and they are right… this is just another Melodic Rock album… and so what??? – Don’t expect anything new or groundbreaking but if you are into catchy Rock songs, give this album a listen and enjoy yourself.

I hope and pray that this band gets the recognition it deserves in the media, because this is what Melodic Rock Music should all be about.