In the Arms of Devastation

Release date: February 24th 2006
Label: Nuclear Blast
Provided by:
VME (Denmark)
Website: www.kataklysm.net

Death/Thrash Metal

Rating: 88/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: February 14th 2006

I have been feeling like shit lately, however a dose of hard hitting Death/Thrash Metal is just what the doctor ordered. Brand new album from Death/Thrash gods KATAKLYSM titled “In the Arms of Devastation”. This spanking new album continues where “Serenity in Fire” left us… with very “catchy” Extreme Metal packed with memorable, but hard hitting tracks.

All components on this album are eminent. Each track stands out in its own unique way, making it so you don't want to skip a single second. I can't even begin to pick my favourite... I like them all.

I'm sure most of you would agree with me when I say that "Serenity in Fire" kicked some serious ass all over the global landscape. Well, it would seem that this trend is undoubtedly heading in the right direction in the year 2006, because this album kicks some serious ass, too.

Produced by the man himself, KATAKLYSM guitarist JF Dagenais and mixed by mastermind Tue Madsen at the Danish Antfarm Studios this album is a must for every Death/Thrash fan out there.

You recognise the sound and style of KATAKLYSM immediately when you throw this album in your CD-player so do check this album out when it hit the stores. No more words needed.

This is a REAL Metal album… for REAL Metal fans!