Kataklysm – Of Ghosts And Gods


Believe me or not, but this is already the 12th album of this Canadian (melodic) death metal combo. They started in 1992 and still their popularity seems to be growing. For a lot of people Summer is barbecue time and what is more metal than inviting all your friends to listen to the new album of Kataklysm, firing up the grill and serving some fine meat with two hot Kataklysm sauces called ‘Ghost Fire’ and ‘God’s Fury’ on top? As icing on the cake you extinguish the burning taste in your friends mouth with treating Kataklysm’s own beer called ‘St. Tabarnak’, containing 6,66% alcohol!  As a band you can arrest attention with products like sauce and beer, but what still counts is the music, without good music the fans will disappear anyway. Fortunately Kataklysm is still a band that delivers and the other stuff is just a nice by-product.

The CD opens with a spoken part from the movie ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ and continues with a melodic death metal riff. The first two songs have elements of Amon Amarth in them. The first track is more straightforward whilst the second song has more groove and thrashy riffs. Singer Maurizio Lacono barks and spits out his grunting vocals like a preacher on a Sunday morning. The songs have a lot of variety, besides the melodic death parts, “Thy Serpents Tongue” even sounds like technical death metal. The hyper blasts we know from earlier albums are still there too, just listen to the last track and “Thy Serpents Tongue”. In “Hate Spirit” they even create a little bit of black metal atmosphere, which shows again the variety in the music. As closing piece all styles come together in the kind of epic song with the name “The World Is A Dying Insect”. The perfect finale of a good album.

To keep the world focused on the band and this new album for a longer time, they are planning to make a video clip of every song. So far they already did for the first six songs of the album, which you already have found above. The album is a fine mix of styles like melodic death, thrash and metalcore worked out in old school riffs, blasts, grooves and infectious melodies. For fans of Amon Amarth, Gojira, Nile, As I Lay Dying and stuff like that.


01. Breaching the Asylum
02. The Black Sheep
03. Marching Through Graveyards
04. Thy Serpents Tongue
05. Vindication
06. Soul Destroyer
07. Carrying Crosses
08. Shattered
09. Hate Spirit
10. The World Is A Dying Insect

Playing time: 45:00

Release date: 31st of July, 2015

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Website: www.facebook.com/kataklysm

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