Jungle Rot
War Zone

Release date: September 20th 2006
Crash Music

Distribution: TMC Nordic

Groovy Death Metal

Rating: 89/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by:
Peter Laursen
November 28th 2006

Jungle Rot has garnered a large and loyal following within the last 10 years…10 years? Damn… and it’s my very first close encounter with them… but certainly not my last!

I’m sitting here listening to their latest and 5th album titled “War Zone”…and for the past 8 days, or so, it has rarely left my CD-player. I was hooked instantly when I first threw it in my player. My first impression was that it almost sounded like a slower, groovy version of Vader. Another thing that I found appealing was that the vocals is very easy to understand. It’s growls, alright… but audible and understandable.

The songs are mostly mid-tempo, groovy and very, very heavy and easy to tell apart. The heavy as hell and super catchy guitar-riffs unite with mighty drum attacks and let every single song shine as a small, but fine Death Metal hymn.

“War Zone” contains 11 songs and even though the album only last 32 minutes, you’re in for a top-notch riff-feast here.

The production is done by Chris Djuricic and he must really know what he’s doing because the sound is awesome. Both clear and hellishly warm. I won’t hesitate to recommend this groovy Death Metal feast to you, because Jungle Rot alone makes it a good year for Death Metal. 

No more words needed!