The Duke

Release date: February 24th 2006
Label: AFM Records
Distributed by: Target (Denmark)
Classic Hard Rock

Rating: 72/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: January 30th 2006

It would be an understatement to call Jorn Lande lazy - he has after all participated on roughly about 20 different releases (Vagabond, The Snakes, Millenium, Beyond Twilight, Nostradamus, Ark - just to mention some of them), and most people do know him from his performances on Masterplan. But throughout his career he's been releasing solo-albums on a regular basis as well, "The Duke" is his fourth solo-album ("Starfire", "Worldchanger" & "Out to Every Nation" being the others).

Like on his other solo-albums, he returns to his classical hard rock roots, and shows on 12 songs once more just how great a vocalist he is... The songs might not be as strong as the ones his last solo-album "Out to Every Nation" and nowhere as cool as the Allen/Lande project from last year, but this is still a cool display of his vocal-skills, the music is solid and the album has a good production that fits the music very well.

Jorn Lande fans will pick this one up no matter what I write, so should fans of classic hard rock - it's not like this is a bad album, just not spectacular either...