Ivanhoe – 7 Days


While Ivanhoe might be one of Germany’s longest serving progressive metal bands, they’ve never really managed to get their career off … and this new album, their seventh, probably won’t change that either.

Their dark, melancholic take on progressive metal has it’s moments, but like it’s been the case on all of their previous albums there is a too wide a span between the good and the bad. They are surely capable of writing strong and interesting songs – just take a listen to the title track or “Left Behind” on this album.

Once more the revolving door has been rotating and two news faces have joined the ranks: Rob Kudlek on drums and Alexander Koch, vocals (Spiral Tower, Powergod). Former vocalists Andy B. Franck and Mischa Mang were the centre of attention on their previous albums, and Alexander Koch had to fill some rather big shoes: a job he does very well.

“7 Days” does not leave a lasting impression on me, and even though there are strong songs on this album, it’s not an album I will go back to very often. Not the best experience of October, but not the worst either, only a decent album with a few outstanding tracks.

So I recommend that you give this one a listen before handing out your hard-earned money for “7 Days”.


  1. Alert (2:30)
  2. Light Up the Darkness (4:06)
  3. No Sorrow (4:14)
  4. See the Truth (3:55)
  5. Overrun (4:10)
  6. Innocent (3:44)
  7. 7 Days (8:12)
  8. Dancing with a Ghost (5:40)
  9. The Great Admit (5:35)
  10. Last Warning (4:19)
  11. Left Behind (7:05)
  12. Whipping the Flies [Bonus – Live] (3:50)

Playing time: 57:20

Release date: October 16, 2015

Label: Massacre Records

Website: www.ivanhoe.de

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