Into Eternity
The Scattering of Ashes

Release date: September 25th 2006
Label: Century Media
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)

Progressive Melodic Thrash Metal

Rating: 88/100
Cover artwork rating: 84/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
September 15th 2006

Into Eternity from Canada released their first album in the year 2000 simply called “Into Eternity”. It was followed by “Dead or Dreaming” from 2002 and their third album “Buried in Oblivion” was released in 2004. Now the Progressive Metal band is ready to launch their brand new album called “The Scattering of Ashes”.

I’m only familiar with a few songs from each of their albums and I must admit that their older music is a bit confusing to me. Progressive Power Metal with a hint of Melodic Thrash…and spiced with Death Metal growls - now here on their brand new album they have turned a bit harder… (Suits me fine). They combine the catchiness of Power Metal, the aggression of Thrash and Death Metal with Progressive Metal flair. If I should describe their music in few words - I would say; Progressive Melodic Modern Thrash Metal.

Maybe fans of the Danish band Raunchy and Fear Factory should take notice here? When I first threw this album in my CD-player I was thoroughly impressed by the tremendous musicianship of each member but it took me a while until this album really opened up to me. They shift between melodic and a more aggressive music style and we get both clean and aggressive vocals… and even Death Metal growls.

The first highlight of “The Scattering of Ashes” is track number two; “Severe Emotional Distress”. This track contains a chorus that bands in the same style as Fear Factory among others would die for! This track is so catchy and yet aggressive at the time that I was totally knocked out of my socks! Damn what a start!

Highlight after highlight dominates this release and the more I listen to the songs there is to found on this album… the more I love‘em. Some of the tracks need a few spins to open up but it’s a real pleasure to listen to the compositions of Into Eternity, because they have the great ability to infuse their songs with enthralling melodies without being sappy. You instantly feel that Into Eternity have put in all their heart blood in this album.

Maybe older fans of Into Eternity could be a tad disappointed with this release, because their music seems a bit harder than their previous work but I’m sure that fans of melodic Thrash Metal are in for a real treat here. And maybe I should give Into Eternity fans a little advice; - Don’t be scared away by the harder sound…give this album the time it needs and I’m sure that you will love it eventually.

Apart from the great artwork, done by no other than the very talented Mattias Norén the production convinces, too. Of course it always comes down to a matter of taste but to me the production is perfect for this kind of music.

Do I have to say more? I don’t think so; I can absolutely recommend this album to fans of Melodic Thrash Metal and also to people who are open minded. One last thing:  I’m curious how Into Eternity fans react to the harder sound!  

Recommended tracks:Severe Emotional Distress”, “Out”, “Suspension of Disbelief” and “Paralysed”.