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InnerWish has been a strong part of Greek power metal scene on and off for the past twenty years, and this self-titled album is their studio album number five. They have gone through numerous line-up changes and now operates as a sextet. Latest addition is a new vocalist, George Eikosipentakis. And I must say they’ve hit the bulls-eye here – he delivers a brilliant performance on his first album ever.

Six years might have passed since their last album, “No Turning Back”, and the metal scene has changed some since. But they stay true to their roots: classic heavy metal combined with German power metal, always with a flair for a strong melody and diversity. At times they are a pretty straight forward power metal band, not that remote from bands like Edguy or Helloween, just to change pace and playing true metal anthems like HammerFall did early on in their career. And they even tread towards paths bands like Symphony X and Pagan’s Mind use to walk, without going all progressive on us.

The album has just like we are used to from Ulterium Records a great sound, the production is very strong. InnerWish has made a statement album that will surely rear it’s ugly head and surprise a lot of power metal fans.

Well done!


  1. Roll the Dice (4:20)
  2. Broken (6:01)
  3. Modern Babylon (4:39)
  4. Machines of Fear (4:49)
  5. Needles in My Mind (5:45)
  6. My World on Fire (4:26)
  7. Rain of a Thousand Years (6:35)
  8. Serenity (4:54)
  9. Sins of the Past (5:21)
  10. Through My Eyes (5:37)
  11. Zero Ground (4:48)
  12. Cross the Line (4:45)
  13. Tame the Seven Seas (5:33)

Playing Time: 69:44

Release date: March 18, 2016

Label: Ulterium Records



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