InLegend – Goliath’s End

To say that InLegend is an unusual Heavy Metal band is an understatement. It is still fun, but a Metal band that rejects Heavy Metal’s signature instrument, i.e. the guitar, for a piano is not an everyday occurrence. And yet, they are still a Heavy Metal band as their most recent full length player “Stones At Goliath” shows. Just go and listen to “King of Anarchy” on Youtube to see what I mean. Unfortunately the current EP “Goliath’s End” is not “Stones At Goliath” part II, it is way too tame for that. “Tame?”, you might wonder? Yes, tame. The listener gets one ballad after the other, ballads that are not bad as such, but how many Metal fans really want to listen to so many ballads in a row? The last song “No More Wedding” kicks it up a bit, but as for the rest? Boring. And this is exactly why I have a problem with this particular EP. Its individual parts are not bad as such, but the album as a whole is just that: Boring.

Still, there is one redeeming thing about the EP. It is a gift from InLegend for their fans. A free gift. This is also why I am willing to give them much more leniency for this than I normally would and so should you. Recording an album costs time, energy and also money after all which is why this particular gift should not be taken for granted. Besides, the individual songs are not bad as such, ‘only’ the track list is.

Be that as it may, personally I consider the track list of an album, i.e. the way how the combination of individual songs creates an effect on the listener to be vital for any album rating. This is also why I find myself unable to go beyond 6 devils here. I do believe that we can expect a lot more from InLegend in the future though. Just please, no “Goliath’s End Part II”, okay?

Track list:

  1. Waifs’n’Strays
  2. Reason
  3. Arabesque
  4. Maybe
  5. Wide Awake
  6. No More Weddings

Playing time: 23:17

Release date: 19 February 2016 (already available as a free download!)

Label: Eat The Beat / Rough Trade

Facebook: InLegend (Facebook)

Website: InLegend

Download link:

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