The Silencer

Release date: November 18th 2005
Label: Cruz Del Sur Music
Provided by: Cruz Del Sur Music

Style: Metal!

Rating: 89/100
Cover artwork rating: 82/100

Reviewed by:
Thomas Nielsen
March 3rd 2006

Italian Infliction are as metal as it gets. “The Silencer” stands as a tribute to heavy metal, thrash prog and Swedish death metal, complete with German singer and everything (!). How metal does it get, eh?  

Björn, who’s also the fronter of German combo Night In Gales, does a great job as he growls, chants and sings his way through the album. One moment the death grunts dominate, the next he’s involving himself in a goth melodrama (the track “Nocturnal”). Nice to hear a singer who makes an effort of trying to vary the output (although his voice clearly is most suited for the more brutal stuff).  

Despite the mixed genres, the production of the album is clear, each instrument standing out clearly. Thus the album seems focused and sharp, even with pianos and all.  

The album concludes with a fresh little cover of the Ultravox tune “The Voice”. Nice and unusual choice of cover. Very successfully performed too.  

Recommended: “Thirtyseven” (probably the most complex song on the album – lots of tempo shifts and breaks, mostly thrash and heavy metal inspired) and “Breathe” (heavy riffing, sampled radio news, brutal voice and a GENUINE heavy metal solo piece – hell yeah!).