Infernal Tenebra – As Nations Fall


A combination of extreme thrash and (melodic) death is just my cup of tea. So I was very curious about the fourth release of this Croatian metal band. With nice cover artwork designed by Gustavo Sazes (Arch Enemy, Sepultura a.o.) and Jens Bogren (Kreator, At the Gates a.o.) responsable for the mix and mastering that part has been secured.

Back in 2012 I was very enthusiastic about ‘New Formed Revelations’, but after listening to this new album, I wondered why I didn’t get the same feeling. Was the music so different or better back then, or is it just my personal taste that has changed? Well after listening to their 2012 album I came to the conclusion that there hasn’t changed a lot. Back then I was rather impressed by the singing of Darko Etinger, still he has the same harsh style, but after a few songs I now get over satisfied through it, there is just not enough variety in his singing. You can compare it with a beautiful goal you see for the umpteenth time, it is still a beautiful goal, but you have lost interest.

The music on the album is still good, the musicians know what they are doing. The songs have a kind of complexity, the drums are rattling almost all the time and  everything sounds tight and heavy. All ingredients are there for a good album. The bottomline is however that the songs are just too average and don’t have that something extra I need. It’s like coffee without cream or a beer without foam. It tastes about the same, but there is just something missing. That’s the feeling I have with this album.

The band made a nice album, but didn’t make a step ahead or did anything different. On top of that the songs don’t stick or have something that makes them special.


01. The Seventh Seal

02. Catharsis

03. Suspension Of Disbelief

04. As Nations Fall

05. Cross the Line

06. Legally Insane

07. The End Justifies the Means

08. The Serpents Crawl

09. Black Sun


Playing time: 42:12

Release date: 22 January 2016

Label: Massacre Records




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