Incertain – My Hostage

Heavy Metal fans might differ on a lot of things when it comes to their beloved genre, but there are a couple of things we can all agree on, one of these things being that Heavy Metal is live music. Live music is fun, energising and sometimes you come across a band that you might not have noticed otherwise. I guess it should be obvious as to how Incertain gained PoM’s attention.


But how is their current EP? A bit short, too short obviously, but still fun. The first song “My Hostage” that is also the title track starts with a heavy riff after which the vocalist joins in. All in all it is not all that fast paced for Death Metal, but there is still an amazing heaviness about it that takes you away! After that you are in for “Sufferkind”. The song is also not that fast for a Death Metal band either, but there are some really fast passages thrown in for variation. All in all the song is more about mood, about atmosphere than about speed, but so what? Music is about feelings, about emotions and the song does a good job there! Then you are in for the album’s gem “Mankind’s Grave”! Really brutal and fast paced Death Metal with drum parts and some excellent guitar solos! It is the kind of song that you can expect to trigger a massive Mosh Pit. In fact the singer might even join while shouting her lines. It happened before.
The fourth song “Abortion of Benevolence” is not bad either though. Melodic Death Metal with a certain Heavy Metal touch that leaves you hungry for more. Unfortunately it is also the last song though. One can only hope to hear more from Incertain, because it would be a shame to see this talented band disappear from the scene. 8 devils!

Track list:

  1. My Hostage
  2. Suffermind
  3. Mankind’s Grave
  4. Abortion of Benevolence

Playing time:  19:32

Release date: 18 July, 2015

Label: Sonic Productions

Website:  Incertain (Facebook)

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