Inanimate Existence – Calling From a Dream

This is the very first time I am hearing of Inanimate Existence. Perhaps due to the fact that I am not a big fan of music which involves djent breakdowns. The ones on their most recent release “Calling From a Dream” however are perfectly executed and appropriately spiced over low toned and melodic lead guitars; it was not at all excessively done. And the female vocals took me by surprise because of how unique it is in comparison to other bands with female vocals in them. I found it warm and soothing even to the extent of mesmerizing with its chanty undertones. It provided an extreme contrast between the overall output especially in the sustained areas of the music; it reminded me of Anneke van Giersbergen’s vocals, actually – always a plus.

On “Calling From a Dream”, the mood of a dream state and spacey ambience are highly emphasized with several unconventional instruments incorporated into the mix, giving the tracks a lot of somber dimensions and adding a good dose of variety to the already technical piece of music. Along with that, they managed to pull very smooth transitions of slow and melodic and fast cohesively – a feature that should not be easily overlooked within this album. I’d say that it is arguably a really well-balanced progressive death metal album. It is amazingly crafted with a very thick wall of sound accompanied by tasty lead guitars shredding articulately just in the right moments, the flexible drums going from blast beats to slow jazzy feel and the brutal yet not overly fancy death growls, all complimented by the very prominent sound of the bass.

Although “Calling From a Dream” was a tad too short in my humble opinion, it managed to survey a lot of ground in conveying a number of different emotions and cool metaphysical ideas in a span of only thirty five minutes. From this, one can draw the apparent immensity of the visions these great musicians were able to systematically accomplish. Among my favorites were “Pulse of the Mountain’s” and “Calling From a Dream”. A good treat for technical death and progressive metal fans who are doubtful of djent breakdowns.


01 – Calling from a Dream
02 – The Arcane Crystal
03 – The Shore of Rising Shadows
04 – Pulse of the Mountain’s Heart
05 – Upon Whirling Winds
06 – Dreaming of the New Beginnings
07 – Beneath the Mist
08 – Falling into Malice
09 – Burial at Sea

Playing time: 35:28

Release date: 16 September 2016

Label: Unique Leader Records

Website: Facebook

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