Long Lost Pride

Release date: March 25th 2006
Lion Music
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Lion Music

Neo Classical Power Metal

Rating: 65/100
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Peter Laursen
January 30th 2006

Bob Katsionis, Greek keyboardist and guitarist is back with his band Imaginary and their second album.

At first I was very disappointed with this release but after 4-5 spins in my CD-player it opened up to me. This is an okay album without being stunning. Imaginary reminds me of At Vance... maybe a little more progressive but close to At Vance. Bob Katsionis is a very gifted musician no doubt about that and I find his guitar soli very good, but the KEYBOARDS??? I rather keep my opinion to myself.

Can’t stand keyboards in metal anyway. Some of the songs here are very good, especially the first track “Hypnotized” with its very memorable chorus and great music… but then I have to complain again. The singer Bjorn Jansson somehow doesn’t fit the music… most of the time on this album it seems he's singing to himself and not to the music. Confused??? So am I.

Some will try to talk the CD good, but… Ah, hear for yourselves!