Burn Me Wicked

Release date: May 29th 2006
Death metal groove

Rating: 95/100
Cover artwork rating:
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Thomas Nielsen
May 30th 2006

When Illdisposed released “1-800 Vindication” two years ago, it was a massive leap forward for the Danes. It was a groovy death monster like none other. Luckily “Burn Me Wicked” is a continuation of its predecessor’s monstrosity, only with a darker twist.  

The mixture of old-school death metal with samples hits right on the spot again, and Bo Summer’s subwoofer vocals as well as his more black metal inspired screams compliment the down-tuned groove perfectly. Mikkel Sandager from Mercenary has also been added as a lighter touch on the vocal side on a few of songs, and it fits nicely into the whole picture. He’s given a lot of room on “Nothing To Fear…Do It”, giving the tune an air of a twisted sort of progressive metal.  

The darker twist I mentioned before possibly needs some explanation; the sound on “Burn Me Wicked” is more evil than on any of Illdisposed’s previous releases. Take for example "Back To The Streets” or “Throw Your Bolts” – there is very little humour in the sound. The guitar sound is relentless on the album, gritty and cold. Although you find it possible, Summer has also managed to sound more scare than he usually does – especially on the track “Slave” he’s downright creepy. Good stuff.  

The unbeatable Illdisposed humour only really sets in when the quartet launches into the mad “Illdispunk’d” – three verses, one in Danish, one in German, one in English and a death metal version of Dead Kennedys. The boys are back and they are nuts. Thanks very much.