Our Darkest Days

Release date: May 15th 2006
Century Media
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Website: www.igniteband.com
Style: Melodic Hardcore / Punk

Rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev
Date: May 27th 2006

US hardcore band Ignite was formed in Orange County back in 1994; they have released three albums “Call on my Brothers” (1995), “Past Our Means” (1996) and “A Place Called Home” (2000). They have also released various seven inch, ten inch records and split CD’s.  

I have never been a fan of hardcore actually I usually try to avoid it, but “Our Darkest Days” is actually a pretty decent album. Ignite don’t play your typical brand of hardcore like Hatebreed and Madball, they combine hardcore with punk and rock, and the melodic vocals from Zoli Teglas are just awesome and gives the music an extra dimension.

Just check out tracks like “Bleeding”, “Poverty for All” or “Know Your History” and you will be hooked. They even manage to make U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday” into a great punk tune. “Our Darkest Days” was produced and mixed by Cameron Webb (Social Distortion, Motörhead & Sum 41).

Ignite are currently touring the USA and will be heading for Europe next month.

Recommended tracks: See above.