Humangled – Prodromes Of A Flatline


Regular readers know that I like a wide array of styles. From prog to death and back. That doesn’t mean that I’m not critical, no, more the opposite. Because I like so many different styles, I am only pleased with the better albums and very hard to convince.

Take this Italian brutal death metal band for instance. They sound brutal, there is enough technique, the vocalist has a death grunt and harsh throath, but I am not enjoyed. The grunt is not that good, the bass sounds a bit strange and the production isn’t the best in the genre. Not very tight and not sounding dirty and brutal enough for a band in this genre. I was very surprised that Dan Swanö is responsible for that, one of his worst achievements. They finish with a cover of the mighty Therion, but that will not make a difference, I have heard better versions. The female vocals and the male vocals are sometimes toes-bending.

Next please.


  1. Liberté, Égalité, Brutalité
  2. 4:03
  3. Men of Straw
  4. Foretasted in Flesh
  5. Intimacy Curse
  6. Untastable Fear
  7. Fragments
  8. Cauterized
  9. Vegan Realm
  10. To Mega Therion (Therion Cover)

Playing Time: 43:00

Release date: 23th of June, 2015

Label: Bakerteam Records


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