Honeymoon Disease – The Transcendence


Most of you are likely to know the TV show Futurama where the protagonist got frozen in our time only to wake up a 1000 years later. Why I mention this? I kind of have the feeling that the same happened to Honeymoon Disease in the late 60s, or early 70s. Hippies who got frozen in time only to wake up in the present. It should not come as a surprise that their music sounds accordingly – rock n’roll with a slightly rougher edge, but definitely not heavy metal. This alone is not a bad thing as such, of course. There is a decent overlap between rock n’roll and heavy metal to warrant a heavy metal webzine to take a closer look at such bands.

Unfortunately, the band reminds me more of musicians like Joan Jett and not so much of bands like Motörhead though. This does not mean that it is a bad album – somebody who warrants a comparison to Joan Jett is hardly a bad musician (!) – it is just that it is not rough enough to really spark my interest as a heavy metal fan. Yes, the band shows that it has that certain groove that qualifies them as a decent rock n’roll band right from the beginning, the band is even throwing in decent guitar work and particularly the sixth song “Breakup” has a certain roughness that also holds a certain appeal for metal fans, but it is not an album that I can safely recommend to just any metal fan. You might still come to like the album of course, but if you cannot see yourself enjoying this particular kind of rock n’roll, then I suggest for you to stay away from it. Six devils.


  1. Higher
  2. Stargazer
  3. Imperial Mind
  4. Gotta Move
  5. You’re Too Late
  6. Break Up
  7. Bellevue Groove
  8. Fast Love
  9. Rock N Roll Shock
  10. Brand New Ending
  11. Keep Me Spinning

Playing time: 38:11

Release date: 20 November, 2015

Label: Napalm Records

Website: Honeymoon Disease (Facebook)

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