Hollow Haze
Hollow Haze

Release date: April 28th 2006
My Graveyard Productions
Provided by:
My Graveyard Productions

Heavy Metal

Rating: 75/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
November 25th 2006

This self-titled debut album from Italian based outfit Hollow Haze turns out to be a pretty good one. Their mixture of melodic heavy metal and hard rock with small journeys into progressive metal territory should appeal to most metal fans.

We are met with a big thick wall of guitars, supplied by Nick Savio, who prior to Hollow Haze has made his first musical steps in White Skull. The guitar work on this album is what makes it more than just average, because Nick turn out to be not just a very lead guitarist but also a good rhythm guitarist. Vocalist Dan Keying, who prior to Hollow Haze has recorded with Cydonia, does a good job as well, but he should avoid the extreme high pitches, because he simply doesn’t have the voice for it. The band is completed by a good rhythm section of Matt Cingano (bass) and Paolo Veronese (drums).

Their style makes me think of a faster and harder version of classic hard rock bands like Dokken or Skid Row. Just more powerful and harder, and Nick is surely no George Lynch (yet).

A pleasant surprise, which surely makes me want to follow their progress in the future. But for now I am pretty well entertained by this good debut album - do check them out...