Instant Madness

Release date:  2006
Self Produced
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Power Metal with a Progressive edge

Rating: 85/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by:
Peter Laursen
September 22nd 2006

Italian band Highlord was founded back in 1996 and in 1998 they released their debut album entitled “Heir of Power”. It was followed by “When the Aurora Falls” released in 2001 with new drummer Luca Pellegrino. In the year 2002 singer Vascé left the band, sick of playing Metal and new singer Andrea Marchisio (Desdemona) joined.

In august 2002 Highlord released their third album “Breath of Eternity” in Japan and the European version was released in October of the same year. Fourth album “Medusa’s Coil” was released in may in Europe, 2004, and now it’s finally time for their brand new and fifth album called “Instant Madness”.

Highlord follows the same path as on “Medusa’s Coil” with traditionally Power Metal and more Progressive stuff. We even get a track called “Got a Price” - this track reminds me of 70’s and 80’s Hard Rock and Metal. Well, because of their more Progressive approach the songs here on “Instant Madness” needs a little time to sink in. – Not that I was totally disappointed with this release at first, no, no, but I was left with a feeling that there were no real highlights on this album… all 8 tracks were on the exact same level.

Now numerous listens later I like it a lot. The music opened up to me and suddenly I find songs like; “Orion and Ocean”, The Sweetest Drug”, “Got a Price” and “Which Side Are You On” some of the best they have ever written.

The Japanese version comes with a bonus track called “Cha-la head cha-la”, opening theme of anime “Dragon Ball Z”. The fantastic cover art work is done by Jan Yrlund, www.darkgrove.net.

So, if Power Metal with a Progressive edge is your thing, maybe you should at least check this band out?

Recommended tracks: See above.