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hibriaThose of you with a good memory will remember that I rated Hibria’s 2013 album, ‘Silent Revenge’, with 84 points and I was very pleased about the music. With a consistent line-up this time, I was very interested in this, their 5th album. Again, another Brazilian band for me to review and this time one in the power metal genre. In 2013, I was very content with vocalist Iuri Sanson, his clean singing was great on that album. On this new album, his clean singing is still good, but he uses his voice also differently in several songs and that is not something I really like. Later on in this review I will come back to that.

Opener “Pain” is a mid-tempo power metal track, a bit in line with the stuff on ‘Silent Revenge’, but with a surprise in the form of a funky part with a  trumpet in the middle. Again, the instumental guitar parts and solos are of a high level throughout the entire album. The next two tracks are faster and real power metal songs, which I think suit the band best, especially the heavy riffing in “Tightrope” I appreciate. “Life” is a powerballad in which Iuri shows that he is an excellent vocalist in the smoothier and clean parts and where the orchestral parts add a dramatic twist. After a mid tempo track, two heavy tracks follow. In these two songs, Iuri tries to sing with an aggressive thrash voice, in which he does not succeed. Also some high-pitched singing parts are misplaced and make the song weaker instead of stronger. “Ashamed” is a good song, leaning towards thrash, with good riffs, but again some weaker vocal parts spoil the real excitement. Like in the first song, the band uses some trumpets and saxophones, which you might like or just hate.

The heavy journey continues with “Church” where the high pitched singing returns, which to me sounds a bit like a failing Halford imitation. “Fame” is a song I like, it is mid tempo with a progressive touch, here Iuri again shows that he actually is a very good singer. Crucified Barbara singer Mia Coldheart joins Iuri in this song. Both guitar players Abel Camargo and  Renato Osorio deliver magical guitar solos on this album and should certainly be mentioned in this review. The last song, “Words”, ends this rather heavy album, but again some strange singing spoils it a little bit. The solo, however, saves the song for certain.

All in all I have to say that the music on this album is again well performed, heavy, technical guitar driven power metal, but I’m a little bit less enthusiastic about it than I was in the case of their 2013 release and that has to do with some weaker singing parts.

One advice for Iuri: please stick to what you are good at on the next album.


01. Pain

02. Abyss

03.  Tightrope

04. Life

05. Ghosts

06. Legacy

07. Ashamed

08. Church

09. Fame

10. Words

11. Life (Orchestral Version)

Playing time: 50:00

Release date: 7th of August, 2015

Label: Power Prog

Website: www.facebook.com/hibriaofficial

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