Hevilan – The End Of Time


This band hails from Brazil and it was a new name for me. Big was the surprise when I found out that this album already saw the light in 2013, but was only released back than in Brazil. Today’s line up consists of: Biek Yohaitus – Bass, Alex Pasqualle – Vocals, Johhny Moraes – Guitar and Rafael Dysyz on drums. Rafael did not play on this album yet, those credits go to Aquiles Priester (Primal Fear).

What can you expect from this band? Well I was rather impressed by the power and the right in your face production of the album. The guitar riffs are heavy, there is room for some bombast and choir parts and the songs have a lot of variety. The vocals are clean but with a very raw edge. Not only Alex sings on the album, but also Vitor Rodrigues (Torture Squad, Voodoo Priest) he sings on the songs “Shades Of War”, Desire Of Destruction” and “Sanctum Imperium”. The third singer we can find on the album, is Warrel Dane. He sings on “Shades of War”, a song that wasn’t on the 2013 release. Now that I mentioned Warrel, we immediately come to the biggest music influence of Hevilan: Nevermore. Not only the singing style, but especially the heavy riffing in a lot of songs see to that. Hevilan adds more bombast in a lot of songs than Nevermore does and some choir singing in for example “Minus’Call” and “End Of Time”.

When I started listening to the album, I thought at first that this was a melodic death metal album because the first riffs have a lot of Arch Enemy in it. After that the heavy riffing continued in most of the songs, but more reminding of Nevermore. On the other hand there is also an emotional ballad with accoustic guitars and violins. The icing on the cake is the closing track with Darrel, if you wouldn’t know better, you would think that this is a track taken from one of his own albums. A perfect end of a good album which will find its way to my cd-player more often.

Perhaps it isn’t all original what this band does, but if a combination of Nevermore and Angra bombast sounds good to you, this is a must own. Progressive power thrash with a dash of bombast and some choir singing.


01. Regenesis
02. Shades Of War
03. Minus’ Call
04. End Of Time
05. Desire Of Destruction
06. Sanctum Imperium
07. Dark Throne Of Babylon
08. Son Of Messiah
09. Loneliness
10. Shades Of War (Feat. Warrel Dane)

Playing Time: 52:00

Release Date: 26th of June, 2015

Label: Massacre Records

Website: www.facebook.com/Hevilan

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