Heldmaschine – Lügen

Heldmaschine - Lügen
Achtung, all Rammstein fans! Whilst we’re waiting for the next album from Till and the boys, you might want to check out this release by another German band, Heldmaschine.

Heldmaschine basically came out of a Rammstein cover band called Völkerball, and the thing is that they really sound a lot like Rammstein. I do mean A LOT. To the point where I had to look once more at the list of band members to make sure that Till Lindemann wasn’t on the list. The album sounds good, it sounds right, although perhaps slightly less heavy than Rammstein, but I can’t help thinking that the world doesn’t actually need another Rammstein.

If you love Rammstein, check it out – if for nothing else, then at least the beafed up version of Krafwerk’s Die Roboter.


1. Collateral
2. Schwerlos
3. Wir danken euch
4. Wer einmal lügt
5. Ich will dein Bestes
6. Tränenblut
7. Ein Traum
8. Maskenschlacht
9. Einmal ist keinmal
10. Die Zeit ist reif
11. Der Hammer fällt
12. Die Roboter

Playing time: 60 minutes

Release date: 21st of August

Label: MP Records

Website: www.heldmaschine.com

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