In These Veins

Release date: October 30th 2006
Dental Records

Distribution: TMC Nordic

Website: www.hearse.se
Death/Thrash Metal

Rating: 82/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by:
Peter Laursen
November 28th 2006

Mix bands like Motörhead, Arch Enemy, King Diamond, Dismember, The Crown, Entombed, and throw in a Hard Core Punk band too and you’ll get Hearse. “In These Veins” is the 4th album from this Swedish band, but my first encounter with them.

Hearse was born out of a band called Furbowl… and I must admit that I’m not familiar with them either. But that’s all my mistake because this 4th album by Hearse is a very pleasant surprise. Okay… the first time I threw it in my CD-player I wasn’t exactly thrilled, but after 2-3 listens I was hooked.

Their music is pure Death/Thrash but very “catchy” and has an infectious groove. It’s very easy to tell the numbers apart and tracks like “House of Love”, “Corroding Armour” and “Atrocious Recoil” could stay in my mind for a very long time. Even that the music is groovy at times we also get up-tempo bangers with melodic riffs, but still holding place for some quiet breaks for variety.

I wonder if the guitarists are fan of Ace Frehley, (original and former lead guitarist of Kiss)because in the end of track 2 “Corroding Armour” one of them plays the same solo that Ace used to end an old Kiss track called “She” with live?

The production done by Dan Swanö is quite good and so is the cover artwork.
Death and Thrash Metal fans should do them self a favour and check this album out now.