Headspace – All That You Fear Is Gone

The British progressive metal super-group Headspace is back with album number two. The band is headed by keyboarder Adam Wakemann (Ozzy Osbourne), who is joined by vocalist extraordinaire Damian Wilson (Threshold), guitarist Pete Rinaldi (Hot Leg), bass player Lee Pomeroy (It Bites, Steve Hackett) and drummer Adam Falkner (Babyshambles, Dido, Strawbs). In case anyone was wondering we are dealing with some extremely talented and skilled musicians.

Their debut album “I Am Anonymous” from 2012 hit the scene and me like a perfect placed strike solar plexus. Out of breath in awe I was left with no choice but to award the album with a perfect score! So my expectations for their sophomore release were naturally very high, and I must admit that they are close to have been met. If you like me liked their debut album, then I am sure you’ll love this one as well. While not quite as complete and masterful as their debut album, hard to top perfection, this is still an outstanding progressive metal album.

They pick up where they left us in 2012, staying within the same safe confines they established with their debut album. Sound and style is pretty much more of the same, but they have grown and expanded their sound, grown tighter together and grown stronger as a unit. This album is not as guitar-oriented as the debut, but it’s still a metal album.

Damian Wilson is bound to divide the progressive metal community again, he has a very unique set of pipes and he sings very high on most of the songs on this album. I love his voice, the higher the better, but have a feeling it might not be for everyone.

The year has been kicked off brilliantly for fans of the progressive sounds: Dream Theater, Steven Wilson and now Headspace have delivered outstanding releases, and this album surely gets my stamp of approval.


  1. Road to Supremacy (4:58)
  2. Your Life Will Change (6:41)
  3. Polluted Alcohol (6:10)
  4. Kill You with Kindness (8:17)
  5. The Element (1:50)
  6. The Science Within Us (13:14)
  7. Semaphore (5:39)
  8. The Death Bell (1:49)
  9. The Day You Return (3:24)
  10. All That You Fear Is Gone (4:53)
  11. Borders and Days (5:23)
  12. Secular Soul (10:35)

Playing Time: 72:57

Release date: February 26, 2016

Label: InsideOut Music

Website: www.headspaceonline.com

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