Relief Data Incomplete

Release date: May 19th 2006
Lion Music
Provided by: Lion Music
Progressive Hard Rock

Rating: 80/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
May 2nd 2006

I have been listening to this album constantly for the past few days, and I really like the second album from French band Hauteville a lot - I am very impressed with vocalist Lydie Gosselin. She has one of those singers you immediately falls in love with.

Just take a listen to songs like "Like Anybody Hellse" or the cover-version of the classic Dalbello song: "Immaculate Eyes" or the very strong opener: "Monster (The Race)" - where she really shows just how a great vocalist she is, and she often reminds me of a hard rock version of Madonna or Kate Bush.

The music spans from pure pop to progressive rock, very symphonic, emotional and well crafted. Their rather strange mix is actually quite unique, and offers fans of hard rock a nice little trip into more progressive territory.

One of the nicest surprises this year so far, and an album I am sure will help this up and coming French band gain a lot of more well-deserved recognition.

But be warned this has more common with Kate Bush and Madonna than with Dream Theatre. This is not a metal album, but don't let that scare you off because this album is packed with good melodic music...