Hatesphere – New Hell

HateSphere New Hell

Those who thought that HateSphere would be a short-lived blimp on the metal horizon when guitarist Peter ‘Pepe’ Hansen formed the band in 2000 were dead wrong. Despite line-up changes en masse over the years, the output from the Danish thrash metal aficionados has been consistent and of high quality, Pepe being the one who’s kept it all together all this time.

The current constellation of the band, completed by shouter Esse, guitarist Jakob, bassist Jimmy and drummer Mike, has been together since 2011, which is a record of sorts.

‘Murderlust’ from 2013 was by any means a decent punch in the nuts, and ‘New Hell’ is simply the next and logical step. This sounds like five guys who got together to do what they’re best at: churning out fast and heavy music with a fair dose of brutality.

With ‘New Hell’ Pepe and his compadres haven’t turned their own world upside down. It’s not a revolution, it’s not a step into industrial, hip hop or anything. No, this is thrash metal with little surprises hidden in the elegant riffing that is woven into the texture of rip-and-tear power, often times more melodic than you’d expect. Those ideas (and the excellent execution of course) is what sets a band like HateSphere aside from the many other bands out there who just go for the throat without finesse. Tearing up the world with brutality is not really that hard – it’s when you make room for slowing down, create variation and put melody in there that you create magic.

HateSphere will be on tour from the end of this month here in Europe. Make sure you check them out – they are an awesome live band.


  1. The Executioner
  2. Lines Crossed Lives Lost
  3. Head On A Spike
  4. The Longest Haul
  5. Your Sad Existence
  6. On The Shores Of Hell
  7. New Hell
  8. Master Of Betrayal
  9. Human Cesspool
  10. The Grey Mass

Playing time: 40 minutes

Release date: 20th of November, 2015

Label: Massacre Records

Website: www.hatesphere.com

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