Harlott – Proliferation


This thrash band from Melbourne already surprised me with their ‘Origin’ album, but with this new album they really overwhelmed me. It is maybe not original, but it is so fast, hard and heavy and so well produced that every thrash fan will lick of his fingers. Vocalist Andrew Hudson sounds aggressive and could be a bastard child of Tom Araya and Rob Dukes sister. He sometimes spits out his words so fast, you almost can’t follow him like in “Bloodlust”.

The music is a mix of Slayer, Exodus and Testament but in contrast with a lot of other bands, Harlott wrote some fine songs that stick. What also helps a lot is the devestating drum work of Daniel Van Twest, he hammers and tortures his drums like an SM master spanking a slave. The band will be joining Annihilator on tour and if you get the chance to see them, don’t hesitate. If they can produce this on stage, you will have a perfect warm up for Annihilator. I think this album deserves 86 points for sure, but because I gave the new Slayer already 9 devils, I decided to just reward them with 8, just to show a slight difference.


01. Proliferation
02. Denature
03. Systematic Reduction
04. Restless
05. The Fading Light
06. Lord Of War
07. Civil Unrest
08. Hellbent
09. Bloodlust
10. Cross Contamination
11. Legio
12. Means To An End

Playing time: 44:00

Release date: September 17, 2015

Label: Metal Blade Records

Website: www.facebook.com/harlottofficial

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