Handful of Hate
Gruesome Splendour

Release date: November 20th 2006
Cruz Del Sur
Provided by:
Cruz Del Sur

Black Metal

Rating: 83/100
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Reviewed by:
Peter Laursen
December 29th 2006

“Gruesome Splendour” is the fourth album from Italian Black Metal band Handful of Hate and a f****** black and aggressive one.

This album is all about blast-beats and aggression and may sound boring with first listen, but with patience this will grow on you and soon you will fall in love as I did. The melody lines the guitarist provides us are, to put it simple, excellent, if you ask me… and combined with the very brutal drumming the outcome is absolutely lethal.

Just think of music in the same vein as Marduk and The Legion and you have a pretty good idea what this skull-crushing piece of Black Metal is all about. The combination of infectious riffing and catchy grinding vocals and a very good production keeps your attention focused and the CD last for no more than 36 minutes… but that’s enough time to scare the living shit out of every Michael Jackson fan out there.

Absolutely recommended for every fan of aggressive Black Metal. 

Just my cup of blood.