Release date: October 23rd 2006
Nuclear Blast

Distribution: VME (Denmark)

True Metal

Rating: 90/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
September 16th 2006

Who were to know that HammerFall's debut album "Glory to the Brave" would be the cornerstone for a new genre in heavy metal called True Metal? A genre where it was mandatory to have songs filled with one cliché after another, and where you are proud to state your influences...

HammerFall have always stayed truthful to their beliefs and stood by them and in their own words: "The Fire Burns Forever"! - and "Threshold" proves that perhaps more than ever!

This new album holds everything you'd expect from a HammerFall album, from the mandatory warrior on the cover, to the lyrics filled with clichés to the obvious influences in the music, but isn't that really what any HammerFall fan would expect? You f**king better believe it - because this is the essence of true metal - and HammerFall are the kings of the genre, and with this new album they are able to raise the bar one small notch higher.

From the word Go! we get one brilliant true metal song after another, starting with the dynamic title track followed by one great true metal song after another until we reach the end and the album is closed by my favorite song on the album: "Titans", which is bound to be a live highlight in the future. No fillers at all, which I thought was the case on some their previous albums.

The album leaves nothing to be desired for as a fan of the band, the sound is crystal clear - produced once more by Charlie Bauerfeind, the guitar riffs are razor sharp, the choirs are huge, the guitar leads are the best ones from HammerFall ever, and Joacim Cans' performance leaves everything he has done in the past behind him in the dust.

This is in my humble opinion the best true metal album in a very, very long time, and I am sure true HammerFall fans will love this album almost as much as their debut album. I actually think it's a bit better and suggest everyone, who likes this kind of metal to put "Threshold" at the top of their shopping list now!

Note: The review copy of this CD contains either edited songs or voice-overs. Points will therefore be automatically deducted from the overall rating of the album.